How long can I have the items?

You are welcome to pick up your items a couple days before your event and we do not need them back until the day after your event so you have a 3 day window to utilize your rentals. One charge, not per day.

What if something breaks?

It happens! It isn’t the end of the world, we do ask that we be reimbursed for the money we spent on the item.

Can someone else pick up and/or return my items?


Do I have to wash the linens or dishes before returning them?

Nope. just scrape the dishes and bag the linens and you are good to go!

What kind of payments do you take?

We accept check, cash, debit/credit, and Paypal.

What are your showroom hours?

We are open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am to 2pm. No appointment needed, just come on in. We are also available evenings and weekend by appointment,  Click here to set up your appointment.

So I am ready to place items on hold for my event, what kind of down payment do I need to make?

If your initial order is under $500, we require a $50 down payment. If it is over $500 we require a $100 down payment.

When is final payment along with final numbers of items (linens count, place settings, etc.) due?

Two weeks prior to your event.